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I Worked On My Truck This Weekend

This weekend I went over to Jake Huitt’s grandparents house to use their lift and tools to drop my driveshaft and replace the Pinion seal in my Differential. Jake’s uncle also helped, we couldnt have done it without him.

This was the first time I have used a lift and It was awesome. By the time the day to do this reared its head I wasnt entirely sure that It was leaking anymore. I had an oil leak and there was alot of blow-by on the diff. 2 days before this I cleaned off the diff with brake cleaner and drove 50 miles. When I got there we got it on the lift and checked to see if it was leaking, sure enough it was. It was a very slight leak. We stopped by Oreilly Auto Parts, grabbed some 80w90 and a new seal, put it in and did a few other things.


We also rotated my tires and removed my heat shield. I figured out why it was rattling; I only had half of it. According to my records from the previous owner, it was inspected in 2010 because it rattled. So the other half of it mustve been missing since then. How the guy that inspected it didnt see a missing half, I dont know. But I got it off and it doesnt rattle anymore, so I’d call that a win.

^Jake holding whats left of my heat shield^

After this my truck drives so much smoother, especially at highway speeds. I did not expect re-installing the drive shaft to effect the ride quality at all, but it improved it.


It was a good day, after we worked on my truck we went up to the top of golden in the fog and rain and took a few photos. Here’s one of mine:


It was a very fun day. Next weekend I am going back to help him replace the water pump in his Sentra. We planned to do it yesterday, but ended up not having time.

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