Now I know what you're thinking: "K-Roll, there is no 948!". And you're right! because the 948 is a non-Porsche numerical designation for any 944 with an LSx swapped motor to replace the 2.4L I4.

It's the most common swap for this car. It entails, finding an LS(Not an LT)motor, replacing the weaker 944 trans for a 951(944 Turbo) trans and some other things. This is the swap for 944/Porsche enthusiasts that either.

1. Want more power out of a 944

2. Don't want a 928 :P

3. Want a 'Murican V8 in a German sports car.

This kind of swap can be done for between $2-10k, depending on how far you want to go with the swap. It's either loved by the drivers and fans of LS engines, or hated by purists who think you're destroying the originality in the worst way possible; I'm neutral on this subject.


Renegade is one of the companies that specializes in V8 swaps for 944/924/968 and 928s:

So what does Oppo think?