I’m not a fan of public apology posts dredging up past indiscretions here on Oppo but this whole incident has really bothered me for the last few days and I feel like something needs to be said beyond the context of the original conversation. Couple days ago I wrote a reply to a fellow Opponaut and Fourza racer that was completely in jest and in no way meant to have any malicious intent whatsoever. At the time of writing I thought my comment was so ridiculous and over-the-top that it never crossed my mind that it could be taken seriously, especially by the person I replied to, yet many of you (said individual included) misinterpreted my crappy attempt at an exaggerated joke in reply to another exaggerated joke to be an arrogant and antagonistic statement of dismissal.

My later comments expressing regret and apologies weren’t me trying to save face or reinterpret my original reply; it was only after several people pointed it out that I began to realize that said reply actually came of as an extremely douchey overreaction instead of an absurd authoritarian satire, and at that point it was kind of too late to do anything beyond offer curt clarifications of my own intent (no need to write a novel when minds were already made up). Similarly, this post isn’t an attempt to continue to whitewash what I wrote or make excuses: I said something extremely stupid on the Internet without thinking it through, and in the process insulted a person whom I consider a friend. For that I am extremely sorry.

Since said comment was originally made in one of our Fourza threads (the one about the poll for our next series if you’re really interested to see how not to reply to people on the Internet, I’m owning my own idiocy and as such not nuking the post), I wanted to take the time to explain that the reply is in no way a reflection of how the series are organized nor how I deal with others’ opinions. As I hope the many past threads and my own personal comments (aforementioned one aside) reflect, I run this series in a hands-off, egalitarian manner where everyone’s opinion is just as (if not more) important than mine. If I ever seem overbearing or too serious about anything it’s not me going on a power trip and relishing my iron-fisted rule, it’s just trying to ensure everyone plays fairly so the group as a whole enjoys themselves.

So yeah, moral of the story: Poe’s Law is always in effect, so don’t be an idiot like me and actually take the time to consider the potential ramifications of what you say. Guess that goes for all of life, not just our little corner of the Internet here on Oppo.