I am job hunting again. I’ve got the “koalafication” so it’s just a matter of time

that I am landing in the sweet spot somewhere somehow. And as always, this gets me dreamy.

Haters gonna hate, but I just like the E60. Looks really good. The E61? Not so much. I really want but don’t need a wagon, and I loooooooove the looks of the sedan but not the wagon. Sue me!


This (a.k.a. some petrol 530i or better in black with a tan interiour and a manual) or a Skoda Octavia RS in blue, which would be more reasonable, but......?????

How bad can the E60 be? I know that the earlier MYs were prone to a dead center console which had to be rebooted at the dealership, but the later ones seem to be doing just fine. So what is there to be afraid of?