I took the Roadmaster to four different local body shops to inquire about the possibility and cost of fixing the rust at the base of the driver’s side B-pillar.

Shop 1: $200 to cut it, patch it, and prime it.

Shop 2: $1500-2000 to cut out the whole base of the B-pillar, if they can find a donor.


Shop 3: “There’s a right time to get away from a car. This is that time. I wouldn’t spend even one more dollar on this car, sell it now while it’s still solid, because who knows what if it will be tomorrow.”

Shop 4: This is the shop that put a new quarter panel on my truck five years ago. While their paint work is “eh,” the repair itself has held up just fine, and they charged me a fraction of what other shops were going to charge. He asked me how long I wanted to keep the car. I said about a year. He answered, “Look, as much as I want your money, I don’t want it for this. The pillar is solid, the rocker is solid, the frame is solid. Drive it for a year, put your kid in it, then sell it. That rust won’t make one bit of difference.”

So after all that ... I haven’t freaking clue what I’m going to do. Oppoinions?


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