I Wrenched

I rode home from the coast (FUN) and discovered that my TST integrated LED tail light arrived! So I did the install, which was the first significant modification to the Ninja (fender eliminator was not that much of a project. It took me a couple of hours. But I am very happy.


It is programmable! I have it set now so when I hit the brakes it pulses 5 time before holding bright red, and the turn signals are sequential. I really like the clean rear with no ugly incandescent pods sticking out. It was a fun little project, even though I fucked up and had to do a major do-over.

On an Oppo note, my friend who was going to copilot to NC for the Dragon will not be joining me in light of his guilty plea to a DUI that will preclude him from driving legally. There is nothing I can say about this subject except my friend needs help and I am trying to encourage him to stay sober. These things are fragile. Toby and I may be heading across North America on this adventure alone. I did it over 20 years ago with a different dog from LA to Vermont.

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