I had a misfire in cylinder 3, according to the diagnostic tool that my mechanic so graciously lended me for five minutes. It was prominent in every day driving, as well. So, I went to the zone. AUTOZONE.

I changed the coil and a stubborn-as-hell plug with the tools that they entrusted in me to not steal. The interweb suggested that I remove the strut tower and the intake manifold, but I could get to all the components without doing it. Plus, I guarantee you that I would have destroyed the engine by doing so. Trust me, I would have.

After it was done, I got the Caddy on the road and gave it the gusto, for testing purposes. Runs like a charm.

I successfully fixed my car, and only had to spend $60 doing so. This is a win. If my car blows up in a few days, though...