Here in northern NJ, it’s been below 20 degrees F the last couple nights. While it hasn’t rained, iced, or snowed yet, there is some runoff collecting on the roads, which has now frozen.

This means two opposite edges of the sword.

Firstly: no fast corners unless I know they are currently ice-free.

Secondly: the tell-tale clink in the wheelwell confirms that they have begun salting the roads!

Yesterday I took my first trip to Billman: Long Island’s S2000 expert mechanic. The bittersweet news as we got the car up on the lift: zero rust underneath. Sweet, because, sweet! Bitter, because I’ll have a hefty responsibility keeping it that way while driving it in the NJ winter.

I had almost hoped there would be some modicum of surface rust to assuage my guilt a little. Ah well. YOLO. Back to reviewing the corrosion prevention tips.