Ice Out!

Every year there’s a betting pool on the “Ice Out” date for our local lake. There are specific rules, but they’re boring unless you know the lake itself. Yesterday was a beautiful day, sunny and warm, and most of the ice was gone. We took the kids and dogs to the lake and you’ll see below what’s probably the last piece of ice on the whole lake (and also a cold dog):

We all thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the beach in the sun pretending it was summer. The kids and dogs both went partway into the water, but not for long; the kids were wearing rain boots but those were soon filled with 40 degree water.


Ok fine I’ll tell you one of the Ice Out rules - this lake is connected to a much bigger one, and for Official Ice Out, both must be clear. It was so calm yesterday that it wasn’t declared officially until today, with the crazy rain and subsequent strong easterly wind we have today - the remaining ice on the “Big Lake” was pushed around and melted in the wind.

Anyway, I always get very excited about Ice Out (I actually was the Official Declarer of Ice Out for a few years). So here we are! And... it’s 41F and rainy. No boat rides just yet. But soon:

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