IceBox has been replaced - Rubicon Style

Well I’m sure most of you saw the lifted Jeep Commander known as IceBox was totaled.


After a decent list of test drives including: Grand Cherokee Altitude, F-150, Ram 1500 Big Horn, Durango Citadel, Colorado LT, Acadia, Explorer and of course 2 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicons.

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She ended up loving the Wrangler. We were able to score a 2008 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with only 15,000 miles on it because I’m not afraid of a 2 hour drive or buying in another state.

Here it is, she’s calling it Rubi:


As you can see it has 3 big AUX lights on the front, both hard and soft tops, some nice BFG Mud Terrains that should be sub-par in snow (lol) and a hysterical decal on the side that explains the low mileage - it says SNOWBIRDS on the side. So some old people treated it real nice. It basically is a brand new jeep inside.

Plans include a lift kit, step bars on the side because she wants it taller but likes being able to get in, replacing that awful chrome rear bumper, tinted rear windows, and a nav unit.

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