This could be the coolest ship I’ve ever seen

Its the only ship I know of that’s designed to do its thing with a dab-o-oppo that’s for sure. Its the Russian owned, Finnish built Baltika.

Icebreakers work very simply: get on top of the ice and use the ships weight to smash it. The shape of the hull requires a blunt shallow angle bow to do this, as such they suck in open water, they aren’t efficient and they don’t do well with large seas. Typically then Icebreakers fall into 2 categories:

1. traditional icebreakers that stay in the arctic and never leave. Heavy hitters, so to speak.

2. Hybrid craft that are designed and built to the hearty polar standards, but have hulls that are more seaworthy on one end. Its the reason that some icebreakers work backwards, not forwards, by design.


Up until recently, no transportation or cargo ship that wanted to transit the frozen northern waters could have done so without a traditional icebreaker as escort, and in some cases...2 traditional icebreakers working side by side to clear a path large enough. This is expensive...really expensive. The solution is to develop hybrid container ships like the Norislk, double acting ships that act as their own icebreakers.

However, this is a costly solution in and of itself as building an icebreaking ship is expensive. The creative solution is the Baltika, an oblique icebreaker


Its a relatively small ship that can crush ice up to 3 feet thick going forwards, backwards or sideways.

The advantage being that it can cut a larger path more cost effectively in high latitude seas to clear a path for shipping through the arctic. Bonus points: its also designed to help in rescue and cleanup operations, a benefit of its broad hull on one side to coral contaminants more effectively.


Its powered by 3 inline 9 cylinder marine diesel engines with 4000 hp each (@1000 rpm) and displacing 17 liters...per cylinder turning generators for 3 steerprop azimuth propulsors (azipods) with 3350 hp each. That’s 12,000 hp diesel (459 liters displacement) and 10,000 electric hp. Not to mention its full on oppo. Its pretty amazing if you ask me.