It's been a busy month or two, and I haven't been around much. I'm finally digging myself out from other projects, though, and looking forward to spring (which hasn't arrived yet regardless of what the calendar says - I just published the "Second Winter" instead of "Spring" issue of a local group's newsletter that I run).

I also attended some of Boston BMW CCA's IceCross events in March, and had a great time as usual. I'd been hoping to write an article about them, but my window of opportunity for timeliness has closed. I'll write it as we go into next winter instead.

Still, I put together some videos from two events, which I was going to include in the article (and I will later), but it doesn't seem fair to hoard them.

This is from the March 8 event. Conditions were decent. I drove my BRZ (car #86) on Hankook Winter I-Pike snow tires. As you can see I had a bit of fun.

The March 22 event used the same plowed track, but after thawing and refreezing it was super slick, and impossible to toss the car around the way I like to. It was all about precision. It was also quite cold with strong winds. At one point you can see a rogue pointer cone go sliding past me - not a problem you have at a typical autocross.


My lady and I also ran her Focus at the March 15 event, but I arrived there with dead GoPro batteries despite charging them off my laptop during the week before, so I got nothing. I was very impressed with how easy her Focus was to drive, and especially how well it responded to left foot braking. I could place the car anywhere I wanted, at any yaw angle I wanted. We'll be rallycrossing it later this year, for sure.

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