Real People (the majority/87%) are self-serving, shitty, self-centered fickle farts who don’t give a cat’s ass about you I guess. People truly are the worst thing about this planet. (But Oppo is alright)

Why have I come to this conclusion? Because I might be butthurt about an incident today where a friend who I rarely see maybe once a year said she’d maybe see me after work...after lunch....... and seeing her cousins......and after going on a date......... Mind you, this was at 11:30am this was all said, I got off work at 4pm, and no word or response whilst I’m waiting at my house with nothing to do because I thought it to be rude to do other things when you’ve set plans in motion with someone else. It’s not difficult to send a text at any time of the day and no one is that busy to where they can’t spare 10 seconds unless they’re a damn CEO. And shes’s a damn repeat offender of this and every time I forgive and forgive. Never again with her or anyone else...She gets one more and then she can go screw for all I care.

Am I not worth the effort in making plans with? Am I not worth the common courtesy of being notified of cancelled plans? I mean I didn’t think I was that worthless (I’m not BTW).


I don’t care for people as much as I thought I did or should anymore I feel, or I’m steadily loosing the faith/hope I had in humanity for the simplest things. Fool me once, shame on them. fool me twice, shame on me, my patience., and forgiveness. Shame me thrice, and I won’t be forgiving again, and I’ll make it so you never wrong me or waste my time again. They can all go somewhere and I won’t care. Stand me up, ignore my texts and messages, bail on me, lack common courtesy, only care about me when I’m at my worst and broken never again to help me pick up the pieces in a world where we have devices in our pockets that allow us to contact the other side of the damn country or even world in seconds, frak that shat. I’m tired of being taken for granted, putting in more effort than I get out of friendships/“relationships”, being walked on and my forgiveness abused. If people actually wanted me around, they’d actually go out of their way to make it so; not me trying to make it so every damn time.

These are great people here, cars and their owners in the picture who care about me and appreciate me,


I guess cars and inanimate objects truly are better than people. Seriously, prove me wrong that cars aren’t better than people. I’m beginning to question the whole point of friendships and relationships, all beginning to seem worthless to me; making new ones that is, and relationships are nothing more thanan enhanced friendship with a physical/sexual aspect to it. I like the real ones I have right now, but most of them are all online based. It’s damn near impossible to do the same in person and it’s beginning to seem worthless. Doesn’t bode well for the future. Maybe that’s why I spend so much time here than I do socializing at gatherings and whatnot, because real people suck.

I find myself hating this world a bit more every day. BUT, It could be worse I guess. It could always be worse. :/