The Corolla Touring Sports.

Seriously, if this came with the 6 speed I would VERY much put this on the top of my list. I love the GX but we’re coming to find out that we probably don’t need 7 seats, since carpooling is hit and miss anyway. That being the case it would sure by nice to have one car that breaks out of the teens on MPG.

Toyota seriously needs to consider selling this in the US. Its my opinion that one of the major reasons people are leaving cars in droves in the US isn’t so much AWD or ride height (there are lot of low slung FWD crossovers) but practicality. It’s hard to beat the wagon shape but American’s haven’t been offered an affordable alternative to the crossover wagon in a long time. The stigma of “wagon” is LOOOONG gone, as is the Novelty of the SUV is evidenced by the fact that crossovers keep getting more car like with each passing generation. As a bonus the TNGA architecture also underpins the new RAV4 so it would be relatively easy to kill 2 birds with one stone here and sell a hybrid AWD model here.

There is no reason this shouldn’t be for sale in the US.