I'm a Honda guy. I've always driven, and liked Hondas. Now that I've had a bit of exposure to other cars, with V8, v6, diesels, and non Honda 4 bangers, I have come to the conclusion that I love high revs.

GSR tach

I like driving my brother in laws, 02 TDI, but I miss the build up, and the excitement of a "rev happy" engine. The smooth pull of a trouqey motor like a V* or a diesel is great, but it just doesn't appeal to me as much.

We have joked about how my car is only fun in a rev range that doesn't even exist for his engine. And after doing a few 1st and 2nd gear pulls today I can say it really is true.


My 01 Civic's redline is 6700rpm, (not that high) and if I'm going hard I usually shift right after 6500. because of the VTEC and what not my car is a couch potato before 4500 rmp, but when it hits that mark it starts to wake up, and by 5500 shes happy as could be.


There is just something so great about an engine that loves to rev.

Also I miss my GSR. and I want an S2000