Or your car. Or my friend’s basket case Honda. Or this suspect $1300 V12 BMW E32 with 150k miles. Or my lawnmower. Or anything with a motor. But instead I am covered head to toe in mosquito bites, mud, sweat, and irrigation water. And instead of the joy of a working motor at the end of the job all I have is a mud pit instead of a lake in my back yard. And I still have another leak to fix later tonight. Oh well, at least it was an excuse to finally buy a 12" Irwin adjustable pliers I’ve had my eyes on. They have a spring loaded lock on the adjustment that works pretty well.


I’m sure I’ll be happy in a few weeks that I don’t have to manually shut off the system after each use anymore. But I think the moral of the story is Xeriscape. Or just don’t be a dumbass like me who bought an old house thinking he could fix everything on his own and left no budget to just hire people to do it. Fixing shit constantly gets old.

Rally-prepped 1st-gen Subaru Leone GSR Coupe for your time.