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I'd rather fight a union

Yhe kids had their first performance for the end of band camp. It lacked polish (unsurprisingly) but the music is really good and I am excited for the kids.

Holy shit, these parents. I gave a little speech at the start explaining that booster organization needs mainly volunteers for fundraising, and a smaller number for on-site help at competitions. When I explained that the parent organization does not run the program and that we were there to support the program and its directors, you would have thought I was Martin Luther nailing his theses to the door of the church. Meanwhile, the band directors were practically dancing a jig when I said they, and not the parents, are best qualified to run the band program and they are in charge.


Some parents, let’s call them “the sane ones,” told me they were really happy. My wife got tons of volunteers from this group to sign up for fundraising, many of whom told her they did not volunteer in the past because the parent organization felt cliquey and unfriendly.

The other group of parents, let’s call them “the shitheads” are none too pleased with me. The directors had explained to me that one of their problems was an insane number of parents chaperoning, “helping” with uniforms, food, and other on-site activities at marching band competitions. It is too many people, and it is driving the directors crazy. Not surprisingly, with 3 professional educators (the jazz band director loves marching band and helps), they feel capable of wrangling and supervising the kids with less parental involvement. No more than 12 parent volunteers at each competition. This seemed reasonable to me, especially because it was set by the people who are actually trained and educated in working with kids. I do not have such training, and am not qualified to make the call.

Some of the shitheads have staked out portions of the on-site volunteers as their personal territory, like handling the uniforms. When I told them of the limitations, they were cold and clearly unhappy but didn’t say much. They tried to argue a little, but I told them that the decision had been made by the band directors and they would have to talk to them of they did not like it. One said she did not think 2-3 people can handle uniforms, and I said, “the directors seem to think they can.”

According to my wife, as soon as I walked away to go to the pavilion to give my little speech, the shitheads started talking shit about how I can’t tell them what to do. Actually, I can.


It would seem that these shitheads want to engage in a battle of wills in some sort of low-wattage conflict. I am well trained and qualified for THAT 😉

There are a lot of nice parents who have been hiding from these shitheads, in my view. Once I bring them out of the woodwork, the shitheads will be isolated (yesterday they were off by themselves grumbling) and their negativity will isolate them further. It’s sad - all they are going to accomplish is making themselves unhappy.

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