Would you?



Although I’d get rid of those Bluemotion and Hellaflush stickers asap.

Here’s the ad.


Hello. I have for sale a beautiful Vw transporter with a reliable 1.6D engine, quick 4 gearbox, car well taken care of, I’m the 3rd owner in 6 years and 2nd in Poland, car was used ocassionally for family trips and a little bit as help in construction.


Little van is 100% in working order, well invested in, has new clutch, joints, suspension arm bushings, brakes, new upholstery, body and floor insulated with aluminium bitumen mats, very comfortable alfa romeo seats.

Has an additional rear heater that works great on cold days.

The body needs a few touchups (areas visible in photos), the floor had a little hole in the driver’s footwell that was fixed, whole undercarriage has been rust protected. I’ll include many parts, among others taillights, opening rear windshield, steering column housing, and original seats (whole set of 9)


As for the engine...has been replaced with a new one in 1999 at a german dealer, i have a bill for 5k marks, from then it’s done about 90k km.

Priced at $2600.