Guys, I've got the best idea. I discovered how to create a racing series similiar to Mario Kart in real life! Due to the chaotic nature of Mario Kart races, this real life race need to be raced with karts, due to their maneauverability and low speeds. To explain better my idea, I separated it in topics:

- Items: Paint sections (or project box holograms, in the future) in the track, so each time a driver passes this section, a computer system randomly chooses an item based on the position of the driver, and assigns it to the kart's memory. The racer can, then, press a button in the wheel to release the item. The feasible items are mushrooms, shells and banana peels. The mushrooms are explained in the boosts section below. The shells and the banana peels would be invisible to unaided eye, but would appear on the drivers' HUD and in TV transmissions, added by computer. When a kart passes over a banana peel it could lose some horsepower for a few seconds, same thing as if it is hit by a shell. Green shells would follow a straight trajectory, like a laser, and if they intercept a kart, same thing. Red shells would make the kart in front of the user lose a few horsepower, because the red shells are like homing missiles;

- HUD: The easiest part. The HUD could show a map, the current equiped item, the position and traps on the track, like banana peels, which would be invisible to unaided eye, but visible to the TV spectator. In the HUD the drivers (and spectators) could see the banana peels, item boxes and sheels;


- Boosts: There are three types of boosts in Mario Kart: Turbo start, mushrooms and boost pads. From these three, the later two are feasible in the same way as the Indycars push-to-pass system. The track could have painted sections with a radio transmitter, or RFID, or NFC and each time a kart passed over this section, the system could give the kart a short power upgrade, in the same way as the push-to-passes. Mushrooms would work in a very similar way, only they would be stored in the kart's memory and activated by the item button in the steering wheel;

- Fairness: Mario Kart relies a lot in the luck, so to be fair, each weekend could have 4 races on the same track, and the final ranking be set as a sum of the points of each driver.


Best idea or bestest idea ever? :)

Edit: As ethanseal pointed me, this was already made. Now I'm sad, I could be super-duper-rich with this idea.