I am getting really tired of the deadlock in DC. I don’t even care whose fault it is anymore.

Here is an idea - President is elected. This should trigger an election for representatives and senators in each state. If state voted for president from one party, they are likely to vote for a representative and senator from same party. Not guaranteed but likely.


Existing representatives and senators should be able to run in elections, but terms should apply. I am not sure what the term should be, but seems to make sense that it be same term as terms for president. So president can be in office for two terms (8 years total). Representatives and senators should also be there for that long.

In the event a president departs his term early due to impeachment or death, senators and representatives should not be required to re-run elections. They will serve under vice president until next president is elected.


How can any president get anything accomplished if same politicians have been in offices for several previous presidents?

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