So last week my identity was stolen

Spent a couple hours on the phone between the unemployment office, IRS, FTC to make sure nothing else had been taken or my info used elsewhere. They put fraud alerts on all my accounts to monitor activity.

Yesterday I went to the Auburn Hills PD and filed a police report. Since the person who filed for unemployment put an address for where the checks were supposed to go, the officer said they’ll get a search warrant for the address and do the raid themselves since Detroit police won’t make it a priority. (the street the unemployment office had is in Detroit near 7 mile and Gratiot AKA a place I’m not going to, to confront someone even with the guns I own).

I’m very fortunate too. The officer said someone filed his taxes in his name last year and it took until November to get his refund check. I honestly thought this was going to take weeks or even months to get cleared up.