I guess I really can’t blame them as they are young and clueless, but the events of the last few days have left me wondering what they were thinking, if anything.

Yesterday I was freezing and found that my heater was only getting the indoor temp to about 55 degrees. This morning as I was performing the morning toilette I discovered that I didn’t have any water. I went down to the basement to grab some water out of a hot water heater and found the source of all of the problems. It seems that when they used the laundry facilities in the basement last week mthey didn’t shut the door completely and it blew open.


The pipes were frozen, hence the lack of water. The air in the basement was obviously quite cold which explains why my heater was ineffective (that, and the filter hasn’t been changed since June 2014...) Their heater is upstairs so they didn’t experience the same problem. It’s usually quite comfortable in the basement, something I couldn’t say today.

Since they are quite young they probably have no idea what the problems were nor would they have any clue how to fix them. I thawed out the pipes to get the water flowing again, yanked the filthy filter until I can get a replacement, and have placed a space heater down there to get the temp back to normal (and since it’s under my portion of the house it should make my place a little more comfortable without costing me anything). It was warmer today, which helped, and now the water is flowing and my heater actually got the place up to a nice toasty 63 degrees...

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