To clarify; by modern I mean anything with multi point fuel injection.

I’m going to use this generation mustang as an example, but this is how I feel about most American cars I’ve driven or rode in. Granted I’m sure there’s plenty of exceptions and I’ve also never ridden in a Corvette or Shelby which I’m sure are completely different stories.

1) They unnecessarily disconnect you from the road.

I don’t know what it is, but when ever a friend or myself have hustled an American car it just doesn’t feel that fun. The seat’s feel so cushioned it dulls everything and there’s a similar effect from the ride height, which seems to be higher in American cars. Not to mention the fact American cars are usually more softly sprung than their imported counter parts.


2) The interiors try too hard.

This bug’s me the most. It’s like they were trying to design an interior for a 60k car, on the budget of a 30k car. Once a again the 5th gen mustang to demonstrate.   


Maybe I’m OCD or something and don’t know it, but it’s like they were just trying to throw as many lines, materials, and patterns in there as they could. I much prefer something like this.


Ahhh! isn’t that much easier on the eyes? I’m not much of an art person, but this is border line relaxing to look at compared to the Mustang.


Now you might say.

“But those cars are a decade apart you can’t compare them!”

And I’ll say.

“The Integra was sold until 2001, so they’re only 4 years apart! Plus more modern Japanese cars aren’t as bad either.”


For example

2005 Civic


2003 Corolla

But let’s look at some more American cars.

Dodge Avenger, 2008(?)


Chrome! Bulkyness! 2 tone pattern we created by making the odd numbered panels slightly darker!

90's Ford Taurus


Bubbles! Bubbles everywhere!

1st gen focus


The area above the radio just drives me nuts! Two vents so close to each other, but off center! And the instrument cluster cuts into the center as well, it all just looks clustered and disorganized. Although TBH I kind of dig the shape of the steering wheel.

I could go on about all of these examples, but I’ll cut myself off here.

In conclusion it just seems like there’s something “off” with American cars. They feel like they’re toys or something. I’ll always enjoy driving a beat to shit Mk 3 golf way more than a well cared for mustang. I guess I have a lot of German white trash in me or something.


Idk rant over.