Ieschure is a one woman band from Ukraine. Her voice is absolutely maddening and transcends humanity.

Howling wind is creeping through my skin.
Voices from Beyond in my mind
Hissing snake around my neck
In my brain
Black mirror is opened
Full of hate

I’m insane
By the words they say
By their whispers
In my mind
In my heart

I come to you
I say you
You are my slave forever
Follow my will
Kneel before me as I am your god.
Make the altar,
Where you bring the blood of my enemies
And I will give you might and glory.

Am I dead? Am I alive?
Freezing cold deep inside
Am I mad? Am I blinded?
By my hate…By my pride

Time has come for Their Rise
In my soul, in my mind

Reject your name
Reject your faith
Heaven and hell
Belong to me forever!
Find them who are the same like you
Make them submit to my will
Make them believe in me
Worship me and sacrifice
And I will be their god
And you will be their king!

Am I dead?
Am I alive?
Am I mad?
Am I blinded?
By my hate
By my pride
Am I dead?


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