RUN! Because shit will be fucked up. This happened yesterday.

I was offered some food at first and a movie, which I accepted. Great Viet food...but then my stomach started making sounds and then I wanted to fart bad! I kept it in as long as I can.

Then she invited me to go out with her friends. Which I accepted too but I had to pick them out far away. She got her license suspended but her car was licensed and insured. I farted my life outside and we took her 2001 Accord 5 spd to get them. We go far away to get them and go to the other side of the town at the second appartment of the girl (dont ask, she is legitimately insane). This is where I found out that I'm with a bunch of low class theives (with loaded parents) minus an Hong Kong guy that came in to study in Canada who was the only sane guy there...They just went in the convenience store and stole 5$ worth of chips and a redbull. Been there and done that at quite a young age but I grew up pretty fast out of it. Her friends were 2-3 yrs younger than me and they still did it...smdh.

In the end, the friends (or shall I call them couple) fought verbally at least 10 times. The guy almost left us as he was waiting at a bus stop despite having zero money nor cellphone, claiming that he would take a taxi.

Now it was 4 am, I wanted to leave because I was plain tired of the bullshit and was up since 7 am yesterday. I had to use the girl's car to get back to her other place and get back to my car so I can go to sleep. The girl refused as she wanted to stay and continue her chilling and also wanted to sleep in this place. I was pissed and she gave me a back/chest massage to calm me down and stay. It almost worked as I suddenly felt asleep but her friends woke me up and I left with her car and her friends.


Second moral of the story, driving a 2001 5 spd Honda Accord makes my MX-5 AWESOME to drive right after!