... houses are simply a hole in the ground that you pour even more money AND a ton of time into.

Not exactly what we got (ours are huge and custom), but they’re ridiculously expensive roller shades in some pattern that I reluctantly approved.

You’d be floored by how much was spent on stuff looking in this direction (that table is custom made from architectural VG material). The lamp shade is as stupid as it looks, we can’t get it level. The wood venetian blinds behind it are on all the windows in the house beside the six we just got roller shades for. Based on the quote I just got on replacing them on the ground floor, there is at least $10k worth of them throughout the house and we’re keeping them... Still need to put built-ins in the alcove behind this chair and the matching alcove to the left of the fireplace. Bonus doggo bed in that divisive pattern that they put on everything these days.


Just got through spending over a day and a half painting the nursery, too. I’d add a picture, but my wife and MIL are swarming the room obsessed about colors.

Coming full circle, the wife still wants a car, but we definitely can not afford it with how much she keeps burning on this silly house. At least a boat lets you see interesting new places in exchange for the money you pour into it.