If Ford designed a new Falcon full-size sedan...

And based the design philosophy around body-on-frame vehicles, with a wide range of performance metrics (Ecoboost, and NA V8) in mind, ease of maintenance and flexibility, would you buy it? Let’s also assume that a wagon variant is also available -- that increases marketability.

I can think of a few potential markets for it: The Grandpa Car, the Police Fleets, Taxis maybe — I’ve seen complaints that the newer taxis are too cramped. And I would be very happy with a completely original platform that could last another 35 years across different models like the Panther (70's Crown Vic LTD, 80's Crown Vic Aero, 90's Crown Vic Whale, Grand Marquis, Lincoln Town Car).

And I think it could easily become one of Ford’s most long-term profitable cars after the truck craze finally dies down. If the majority of large vehicle owners come to the realization that they bought a truck that was too big for their needs. How many of you have seen a truck being used according to its purpose other than giving the driver a “commanding view of the road”?

Pic of a SES (Special Edition Sedan) from Saudi Arabia, re-imported to the United States for your time. Freshly waxed, too, courtesy of Lundy at CrownVic.Net.

2008 Ford Crown Victoria, GCC Special Edition.

Ford, why must you be so stupid?

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