If Ford isn't careful, dealers are going to kill both interest in the Mach-E, and the EV itself

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We all know dealers one and only goal is to make as much money as possible off a customer. Sales people don’t care about the product. They care about their pockets. And with Ford hoping to dive into the EV game with the Mach-E, they are going to have to do something about their dealers. Its easy as hell to buy a Tesla to the point that now you don’t even have to deal with anyone. But its looking like Ford dealers are already pretty much saying they aren’t interested in selling the Mach-E.


One of the contributors over at EVBite decided to test the waters and call around to what amounted to 15 different Ford dealers. And what he got was sad considering the Mach -E JUST debuted, and not surprising. He said he was met with nothing but lies and outright dumb sales tactics, even being told by one dealer that the Mach-E cant be charged at home: “The calls were met with what would be best described as an abundance of confusion and fear. Those who attempted to help, albeit tried their best, shared nothing of merit. Google seemed to be the go-to resource for answers to basic questions like “how do you charge an electric car?”

Absolutely nothing but misinformation was sold to me. You can’t charge a Mustang Mach E at home, they can use Tesla Superchargers, it doesn’t have enough range, a plug-in hybrid is better, ect ect. Nothing of importance because it’s all, simply put, wrong. According to one dealership, a Tesla is better than the Mach E but because Tesla’s start at $100,000, the Mach E is a better buy.


That is absolutely insane. But again, not surprising at all. From my experience, basic product knowledge is usually terrible all around at most dealerships. Even when I sold and we’d have product guys come down from corporate, you could ` almost feel the disinterest while the guy was talking. This all shows though that the success or failure of the Mach-E will boil down to the dealer experience. Many of these people are a new type of buyer and don’t want to deal with the bull that is going to come from going to a regular dealership. And sadly I don’t have much hope for them to succeed on this front.


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