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If gas prices doubled tomorrow, What would you do?

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Let’s assume worst case scenario by using the most expensive rate as a base $3.8x2= $7.6 for regular unleaded. Canada and Euro Oppos I know your gas is EVEN more expensive. EDIT: Assume the price increase is permanent going forward.


What changes will you make to your lifestyle?

1. Buy a more fuel efficient vehicle? Electric? or Hybrid (regular/Plug in)?

2. Would you buy a cheaper, older, more efficient ICE vehicle that takes regular instead of premium?


3. Sell your vehicle? Get a Motorcycle? Scooter? Bike?

4. If you have multiple vehicles, sell one or more of them and share with your family?


5. Carpool? Public Transport?

6. Do nothing and suck it up because it’s still worth driving what you drive at nearly $8 per Gallon?


I would probably use my car very sparingly (18MPG avg 91 Octane) and use it only on weekend, and use my wife’s Niro (46MPG 87 Octane) as much as possible, and it’s doable because she works from home. 10 mile commute total each day.

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