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If I bought a new truck today, it wouldn’t be a Tacoma

It pains me to say that, but I sat in a new Tacoma Off Road at the dealer today. Strangely, I didn’t fit.

Here’s a picture of my headliner in the ‘15 Tacoma.


Nothing special there, just a regular old flat headliner. Key word here is flat. In the 2016+, there’s a support beam that goes across right before the dome light, I’m guessing added for structural rigidity since you can get a Taco with a sunroof now. That beam is right where my head goes, so my head now rests firmly against the roof in a 3rd Gen Tacoma. I was just surprised when I sat in the familiar seating position and I could feel roof on my head.

Another oddity, the big giant Sequoia. I had a 2012 Tundra CrewMax, so the interior on the Sequoia is familiar. This vehicle has a sunroof, and sure enough, I can’t sit comfortable in that vehicle either. I have to tilt my head to fit in the sunroof opening. I sat in a sunroof-free Tundra, and had gobs of headroom there. I also sat in this unfortunately wrapped 4Runner. I quite like the 4Runner and could easily see getting in one of these, if it weren’t for the cost. Pretty sure an Off Road starts north of $40k. This one had an asking of $57k.


The wrap was poorly done, lots of wrinkles around edges, bubbles on the fender flare seam lines. My favorite was the charge for the “matte black paint trim” on the door handles, etc. It was straight up plastidip and was peeling off all the door handles.

Oh, I was at the dealer for a couple of warranty/TSB issues before my warranty expires. New door weatherstripping, as there’s a TSB for “kazoo noise” at the doors through a cross wind. I’ve noticed it before, and just decided I may as well get it taken care of for free. I also had really strong vibration coming off the brake rotors, they resurfaced the rotors and I’ll see how it feels from there. Much better already from the brief drive back from the dealer.

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