There are plenty of collections of “collector cars” out there already. There are Mecum auctions and Jay Leno antique specials and dusty garages full of undriven supercars, but me? I’m an average dude of average means. I enjoy the cars that every Schmoe, Chick and Carrie drives. So when I think about collecting cars, I’ve got a pretty eclectic list of head-scratchers in mind that come from the ranks of the everyday. A Taravish “why buy that...” list of vehicles that are pretty cool to me.

I have owned a bunch of Mazdas and Mazda-chassis cars in my day, along with a couple Bimmers. I spent a large chunk of my 20's hanging out with people who drove Ford Probes; I still have the one I bought in high school in ‘95. Yeah, for real. Probes. I like performance cars, but don’t have a preference for the continent of origin and no prejudice about the style of performance; I like drag cars, I love roadsters, I think supercars are badass, I watched probably 15 hours of Daytona last weekend (my wife made me go to the basement, ok! ) I enjoy German cars, but I do not like Audi’s or VW’s. All of this influences what I’d collect. I’d hope that if some future scavenger uncovered my barn collection, they’d appreciate the kind of car guy I was.

Based on that bit of knowledge, here’s a no-particular-order list of the cars I’d like to own purely for pleasure at some time. Because of the nature of being a regular, Middle-Class dipshit with modest disposable income and a love of 1970's Fender basses, there’s no way I’d ever own the whole collection at once. In reality, it’d be more of a check list of things to own, while keeping and storing as many as I physically could without courting divorce.

Anyway, on with the extensive list:

Ford Probe - I have a soft spot...

  • 1990 LX - this is the one I have now, so I’m at least started!
  • 1989 GT- red with black over grey interior
  • 1997 GT laser/electric red with the ‘93 model year five spoke wheels

Mazda MX-6:

  • 1st generation GT with 4WS
  • 1996 M Edition

Mazda RX-7:

  • Either a Carbureted 1.2L or ‘85 GSL-SE
  • Late FC turbo, preferably ‘91 with the round tail lights. ‘Vert? Maybe?
  • Pristine 1993 FD in red with Touring package - museum piece

Other Mazda’s:

  • Mazdaspeed Protege
  • 23GTX
  • NB Miata - non-mazdaspeed, in red
  • 1986 626GT sedan - like the NP/CP from a few months ago

Chevrolet Corvette:

  • 1968 convertible - in light blue
  • 1996 collector’s edition


  • M5 (e39, of course)
  • Clown Shoe M-Coupe (S52 or S54, matters not)
  • 8-Series - for driving hundreds of miles on the interstate by myself


  • 944 Turbo - or I’d take a clapped out ex-racecar, too
  • 928 with an automatic transmission - another German highway cruiser!
  • 914-6
  • 911 SC or early Carrera with whale tale - no longer everyman, is it?
  • 996 coupe

Mercedes Benz

  • E55 AMG (W210)
  • C63 AMG (W204)
  • S55 AMG (W220)
  • SLK55 AMG (R171)
  • SL500 (R129)


  • Fleetwood - As big as possible
  • Allante
  • CTS-V 1st generation


  • Some 1960's V8 Muscle Car - matters not which model, color, or V8
  • Some 1980's Turbo K-platform - any of them were nuts

Honda / Acura:

  • S2000
  • ‘91 CRX Si
  • ‘98 Civic Si, electron blue
  • 1997 Prelude SH
  • Integra Type-R, showroom perfect

Nissan Z-car:

  • 260/280 - something with the inline 6 and some 70's style
  • ‘96 300 ZX twin turbo


  • Chevrolet 70's flare side pickup
  • GMC Syclone or Typhoon
  • Ford F150 Lightning with modular V8
  • Dodge Dakota 5.9 RT
  • JEEP Wrangler (for my purposes, it’s a truck!)
  • Range Rover - preferably with a CarMax warranty...

Other Big Sedans

  • Chrysler 300C Hemi - Pimped out with a Bentley grill and some enormous wheels, just because.
  • Jaguar V12 Sedan - matters not what era, as long as it’s painted BRG.
  • Rolls Royce - some old large sedan like the one Clarkson drove into a swimming pool (or was that a Bentley?)


Other Random Cars

  • Eagle Talon 1st Generation TSi AWD
  • Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 - early production
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T Spyder (FWD)
  • Saab 9-2x
  • Subaru Impreza 2.5RS coupe, WRC blue, and a stockpile of head gaskets
  • Pontiac Solstice GXP
  • Oldsmobile Achieva SCX
  • Chevrolet Camaro IROC 5.7L in some ostentatious color (yellow?)
  • Nissan S14 240SX