If I could see the look on her face...

When she finally realizes that somebody switched out all of her nuts with left-hand thread nuts. Finally getting my friend back for the time she hung a bazillion fake spiderwebs throughout my condo. $25 well spent.

God I love McLendons.

I can’t bring myself to go to big box home improvement stores anymore. Mclendons has my interior trim fasteners!!! They have bonded nylon washers! Caliper bleed screws! Valves with Viton seals! Grade 8 hardware in more than just the most common 4 sizes *cough* home depot *cough*.


And the employees are so freakin’ helpful. They know their shit, and on more than one occasion I’ve chatted with folk in the plumbing department about some pretty complex custom systems I’m working on and left the store feeling much more confident. They’ve helped me figure out how to work with metal on a budget (simple jigs, baby). They’ve special ordered strange items for me and expedited the shipping. They’ve bestowed praise upon the Miata.

Good people.

The aisles aren’t labeled and at first I had NO CLUE where anything was, but after numerous visits for work I think I’ve figured things out. I’m honestly factoring in “distance to McLendons” for my next home.

Okay, back to the pranking. My friend is rebuilding her STI's engine so hopefully she notices soon... 

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