Let’s look at the obvious pluses of this longboi versus my Paseo:

- ten+ years newer

- 5-10 more miles per gallon

- oodles of cargo and passenger space

- FWD, so I can actually drive it in winter

- normal ground clearance, so I don’t have to worry about humps on the ends of other people’s driveways


- EDIT: I've been corrected: this takes premium fuel too, great googly moogly...

- no one will try to race me

- uncommon which makes it appealing

- hard to get a speeding ticket

- FWD 4-banger Honda bodes well for reliability and cost of ownership

And here are the highly subjective minuses:

- FWD, when I prefer RWD

- handling... it’s a functional wagon

- 45 less ft-lbs of torque... Hondaaaaa!

- 12 inches longer and 4 inches wider... Tight fit in the garage

- a good one costs nearly double what my car is worth, thus it would take years for the fuel savings to break even with the cost of entry

- I could buy a real nice truck or SUV instead. Or a Z4 3.0si coupe.


Love the light interior with the dark dash and mats, though... Ah well. I gotta stay off Craigslist.

[Closes 30 tabs]

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