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If it's not one thing, it's another

Took the day off work today to wait for my shipment from Flyin Miata, since it requires a signature, and decided I'd spend the time to fix the CEL the car has. It's nothing major, just an issue with the EGR solenoid. Poking around online I've found this is often caused by buildup in the certain parts of the intake manifold rather than a bad solenoid. I had already pulled it apart to clean once but had missed a few bits and thus the CEL remained. Today I cleaned those parts, as well as pulled the solenoid itself to clean that and the ports in the lower IM as well. Cleaning went fine, not that there is much to screw up, and buttoning the engine back up was going great too. All the bolts were there, put on the new gaskets, and had remounted all the brackets and such, reattached the throttle cable. Yes everything was going great....till I got to the very last thing, the PCV hose that goes from the top of the upper IM to the valve cover. When I went to attach that the little bastard cracked. So, a decent days work to get the engine back together and fire it up was foiled by a $.20 piece of hose. That said, evidently 3/8 fuel hose works just fine, so I'll be picking some of that up on my way home from picking up the ST from the dealer. This bastard is going to run tonight, oh yes it is.


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