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As part of my buildup for going a HPDE at Summit Point in 2 weeks, I replaced my shocks with Koni FSD’s this weekend as well as rebuilt the DISA* in my ZHP. After finishing up I took the car to a local speed shop that I recently found for an alignment, as such things are needed after installing new shocks on a car. I found out that the adjustment bolts on my tie rods are seized, and apparently have been since my last alignment, and I was never told. Thankfully he was able to manipulate them enough to get me to zero toe on both sides, but I now need to replace them, something I’ll probably do after winter. Also he found a bubble on one of my tires that will cause me to fail tech inspection. So now I need to find the time to get new front tires installed. On top of this, I still need to put my track pads & rotors on, replace the rear diff bushings(I can’t get the diff to break free from the driveshaft, so that’s going to be fun), and fix the connection between my radio and CANbus that’s preventing it from showing the coolant temps. My dad was going to come up and help me with the brakes and diff bushing, but he had a meeting pop up so now he’s not going to make it.


On the plus side, the car now rides fantastically, the squeak coming from the front passenger side when I turn seems to be gone and I now have adjustable camber plates on the front so I can adjust the car to 2 degrees front camber, hopefully limiting the wear on the shoulders of my tires. Plus the misfire seems to be gone, but it’s fooled me once before, so I’m not willing to declare victory on that until it goes a month or two without a misfire.

How was your weekend oppos?

*For those wondering, the e46 intake plenum has 2 possible paths for the air to take, the DISA valve is what determines which path the air is going to take. When it breaks, you can get a stumbling idle, loss of power, or if you ignore it for too long, it can dump a stainless steel pin and plastic flapper valve into your head, or in the worst case scenario into a cylinder. In my case it didn’t break, but it’s seal leaked, causing a misfire on cylinder 3, which it sits adjacent to.


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