First of all, shipping would be prohibitive as this thing has the equivalent mass of a white dwarf. However, I hear there are die hard devotees of reciprocating air conditioner compressors, so maybe somebody into old Jags or Range Rovers would be interested? I also hear tell rock crawlers use them as on the fly tire inflators.

I really don't know what's wrong with this one. It has never worked is all I know. Likely the clutch. I don't want to keep the lump o' slag as my garage is already overfull of Alfa parts that I CAN sell, but either out of laziness or fear I might someday need them, have chosen not to. I also don't want to trash it. And putting it on Craigslist is such a crapshoot. Just wondering if there's a "target demographic" for something as old school as this thing.

(not mine, but representative)