When I first moved into my apartment in Greenville I wrote a check for the first month’s rent, which was a partial month. They had also offered me a $2k as an incentive to lease the apartment; this would cover one full month and then most of the next month. As a result, I didn’t bother checking my account until either later May or early June. When I checked it, I noticed that I still had a negative balance, since apparently they never had added rent onto my bill. I did have line items, but not one for rent. This is when I was faced with the dilemma do I tell them now or do I just hope they never notice and maybe get away with it. So what did I do? Obviously I went with the second option.

Well, after a year of not paying rent, I got a call from my complex on Wednesday. The woman on the other end was saying they were looking into making an offer for me to renew my lease and they realized rent was never on my bill to begin; I guess they never added it after I paid the partial month of March. I asked about having to pay it back and she said that she didn’t think so. Well, I got another call yesterday. She had spoken to her boss and they were going to have me make a back payment. Great.


Since I figured this was the most likely outcome, I didn’t spend that money I wasn’t spending on rent, I saved it all. I could have probably fought this, but I figured I wasn’t very likely to win. Could’ve gotten a lawyer but I didn’t really think, even if I won, it would be worth it. Plus I signed a contract saying I was going to pay them that money. At that point I would have to move, because I assume they wouldn’t renew my lease. As well if I lost I was on the hook for more than rent. So yesterday, I went online, moved 10k to my checking account, and then paid a years worth of rent in one sitting. Fun it was not. 

Oh well, I was really hoping to keep that money. Just remember if things are too good to be true, they probably are.

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