I’ve never driven a car with traction control and electronic stability control on a regular basis. What will happen if I get a new car with those features and I turn them off? How dangerous is it? Will I crash and die? Will I cause an accident? Will I become the subject of Yet Another Cars And Coffee Crash On Exit video?

In my life time, I’ve daily driven a 1972 Plymouth Custom Suburban wagon, a 198x manual Mercury LN7, a 1987 manual VW Golf, a 1987 manual 4WD Nissan Sentra wagon, and a 1999 manual Mazda Miata with limited slip differential.

I’m in the market for a new car to replace my Miata. I’m considering a Subaru BRZ, a Ford Fiesta ST or EcoBoost, and a Mazda 3. I think I can turn off traction control and stability control on the BRZ and the ST. I don’t know about the others.

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