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If Not Us, Who? If Not Now, When?

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I read some very disturbing* news this morning and need to pass it along.

Ladies and gentlemen of Oppo, the Chevrolet SS sold a grand total of 115 units in January. Across the entire United States. 115 SS's were delivered to customers over the 31 days of January. I know we had bad weather in some areas but GM had its best January overall since 2008 delivering a total of 202,786 cars and light trucks, up 18%, with 142,882 of those vehicles being sold by Chevrolet, itself up 20%. They sold 18,693 Chevy Cruzes, for God's sake. The sold 4,991 Camaros in January and 10,151 Traverses. They even sold 3,521 Sonics and 3,170 Sparks! That's a compact with an 138 hp, 1.8l engine and a subcompact "city car" with an 84 hp, 1.3L engine. Both with CVT's. Together that's 58 times as many SS's. The only model they sold less of was a lousy 10 Captiva Sports, a car I've never heard of. Not good.


The reason I passed this along is that the SS is the kind of car enthusiasts like Oppo members/Jalop readers always say we will buy "if somebody ever made one". I know it doesn't have a manual, but it does have a manual mode using shift paddles. Most importantly it's got the 6.2 L V8 putting out 420 hp and 415 asphalt melting lb=ft of torque, and it sends it all to the rear wheels. Manumatic notwithstanding we can't have any general complaints. The point is that if the SS doesn't start selling a better GM will kill it off, meaning there's even less of a chance GM will ever bring one of those kick ass Utes over here. And everyone knows that the on;y thing more Jalop than a wagon is a modern El Camino (even one that says "G'day").

Keep (El Camino) hope alive!

* Mildly, anyway

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