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After recently watching a review I planned to watch this on Halloween night. A week ago I had nothing to watch so I turned on Netflix and pressed play. Within 5 minutes I thought it was just too good to waste on a random evening and set it aside again for Hallows’ Eve. Last weekend I broke down and watched it.

Kika Magalhães plays a young woman who is left alone in a farmhouse and becomes very lonely. Her acting is great. She’s able to terrify one minute and the next make you feel sympathy (to a degree of course). Very unnerving.


Writer/Director Nicolas Pesce does a wonderful job disorienting the viewer. The movie often had me wondering not only what would happen next, but also, “What year is this set in?” and, “What is this movie?”

There are no ghosts. There’s nothing supernatural going on here. There are no jump scares (it’s actually not that scary at all). It’s definitely not funny though and there’s absolutely no comedic relief. It’s not cheesy. It’s filled with mood and ambience. It’s heavy. It’s dark. It’s disturbing. The Eyes of My Mother is spooktacular.

I’ve intentionally not included a link to the trailer. I’d recommend not watching it before the movie. Just press play, and enjoy.

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