Last week saw a string of aggressive drivers and oblivious drivers and oblivious drivers driving aggressively. I saw quite a few very close calls and was almost involved in one myself. It made me start thinking, what if one of these near misses ended up being a hit? What if the insurance company ended up totaling out my little toaster in the event of a crash? Well I'm assuming I'd get 10 grand if that were to happen being that my car is valued at 10 grand give or take 1-2000 dollars with the trim level. Would I just get another Cube? It seems like there aren't any other SL trims with black interiors around and that was a big factor when I bought my Cube. So finding another one would be tough. But honestly, for the kind of driving that I do 98% of the time (and here's where I put the flame suit on), I would get a Mitsubishi Mirage. Cheap to buy, cheap to insure, cheap on gas, the interior is on par with the Mazda 2. Of course I would get it with 5 speed and learn to drive stick. But in terms of power AND size, it's as close to a kei car as we'll get in the US and that leaves me with a strange attraction to it.

But my Cube is happy and healthy with a mere 33 thousand miles on the clock and I'm looking to buy new wheels for the spring, not a new car.