Found another one (I think)!

This clip from a 1997 episode of The Red Green Show gives us what I believe to be another sample of THAT car starter sound effect. In this episode from season 7, Red shows us how to make a spare tire using old shoes. And to prove its effectiveness, he starts the car and drives away at the end of the segment.


Despite what you might expect from ol’ Red, the car starts up right away. So there’s not much to hear. When he turns the key at 3:37 in the clip above, the sound is over almost as soon as it begins. But I think it’s the same one, just without the repeated cranking that we’re used to hearing at the beginning of the sound effect.

This 6th-gen Cougar (apparently an ’83-’86 model) is the first Mercury on our list of vehicles dubbed over with this “crank-helm” sound file. But it also marks the fourth FoMoCo product, so you can interpret that however you want...

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