It would be this:

Senior year, circa 2009 we had: Several lifted 80s/early 90s GM trucks. A jacked up late 90s stepside F150. My buddy drove a 1994 Honda Accord EX-R Coupe. I had a โ€˜92 Sunbird SE V6 Coupe, and a shitbeat โ€˜84 Porsche 944 with a smashed in driver side door. Another buddy had a โ€˜94 Golf Hatch, and another had an โ€˜89 Cutlass Supreme. There was a girl with a brand new black 2009 Mustang GT convertible. My girlfriend at the time drove a 1993 Cavalier Z24 Convertible. Another girl drove an absolutely beat โ€˜83 Volvo 240 GLT Turbo Wagon that had busted A/C and heat that was only good for defrosting the windows. And yes, there was a 2-door Civic with a stick shift, but it was an โ€˜87 hatch, not a CRX. The memories are strong with this one. Growing up in the country, owning a car you could call your own was literally everything.