It’s that you need to block two lanes to take a good picture. After months of neglect, I’m showing my blubaru some love. I did a solo camping trip and decided not to risk the lowered, summer tires-having Miata this time.

Spent two nights camping in 20° weather atop the Cascades. Definitely not as “fun” as camping in the heat (and hitting up the best swimming holes) but winter camping sure is rewarding. Especially when you bring Thanksgiving leftovers...

Chicken and sweet potatoes, reheated over the fire. Yum.

The ground was dry the first day, but a good 4 inches of snow fell during the second. Not going to lie, I wished I’d brought the Miata. It would have been the first time driving in the snow together, and despite the Subaru being the smarter choice (safe, warm, dry, perfectly sized for trips) it isn’t much fun.

Next time I go out for a few days in the cold, I’ll probably skip the tent and throw a mattress in the back. Better insulation and less setup time. May even strap a snowboard to the top and spend a night at Steven’s Pass.


Not pictured: the bears, cougars, murderers and rapists my friends thought I’d run into camping by myself. Maybe next time.