WRX STI 5-door in World Rally Blue, with gold wheels... good right?

Well, perhaps then a more practical choice could perhaps be at least somewhat acceptable, in so much as it is possible...

A 2010 Tribeca in Azurite Blue, but adding on bronze wheels... (and probably charcoal gray on the grille slats on the front to darken those down. minimal bright work.)


Maybe that design, maybe something else... maybe Mustang fan blades, or WRX STI fat-fives, re-finished bronze, like the pictured Work Meister wheels....

But I am thinking that the Azurite Blue Pearl with the bronze wheels would look kind of like WRB and Gold, but with the brightness turned way down.

If one needs an SUV/CUV, would this be a jalop-enough option, granting the idea that there is such a thing as a jalop-enough SUV/CUV?


I need it for interior cargo space, not constant passenger use, so the fact that Tribeca isn't the largest CUV on the market is probably OK for me.

And I think I might be able to get it cheap enough to have it paid off in a year or less, and then save for something more fun. And this might be practical enough to be a parts hauler and winter-slogger, so I could consider a motorcycle or RWD toy car, and not have to have it be AWD and brine-drenched. If it turns out to be problematic... the sooner it is paid off, the sooner I can trade for something else, if necessary.

Plus... I would then own not one, but TWO Subaru flat-6 black-sheep cars, simultaneously. And SVX and a Tribeca in the same driveway. BoxerFanatic - Subaru black-sheep iconoclast.