I was thinking, “What if Toyota went the Titan XD strategy and brought in a 5/8 ton Tundra?” Due to the higher base price over the 1/2 ton Tundra, Toyota could go ahead and badge it as a Lexus and takeover the Platinum Reserve customers of the XD (I can’t see “XD” without it seeming like an emoji).

Obviously it would be built in San Antonio, TX like the rest of the trucks. Since they have the “1794" trim honoring the ranch they bought the land from, why not brown-nose the entire state and name it the “Texas!” Or maybe keep it a Tundra and make it the Tundra Big Tex!

*By the way, does anyone else find it a bit weird to build trucks in Texas and name them Tacoma and Tundra? Hey, the name “Texas” would actually keep to the “T” naming scheme!!*

Yeah, it should just be a Toyota Texas since my parents would rather be in a Toyota Texas than a Lexus Texas. Luxury branded trucks are just too odd of a thought. Oh well, would have been a good excuse to sing “All my Ex’s, Lexus Texas.”