His Winnebago would be this. A Prelude! The largest floating platform to ever take to water. Instead of cooking meth in the desert, he and professor Pinkman would be sucking up natural gas from the Australian coast and, on-site, converting it to liquid natural gas for transport. The traditional process was to suck up the gas out of the ocean floor, tank it up and ship it back to the coast for processing into LNG form for distribution. Now, with this ocean going Winnebago crackfarm platform, that whole series of steps is eliminated. LNG is created by this 'thing' right there immediately after sourcing it from the ground. Pumped in LNG form to a ship and hauled anywhere in the world. All of the trip costs from back and forth to the coast, gone. The ships used for the back and forth, gone. The shipping pilots making awesome milk run money doing those trips, gone. So much money saved, especially when the natural gas prices are near their ten year low, this would save them so much more money on processing.

How big is this? 488 meters. 1601 ft. The entire Empire state building will fit inside. The thing is 360 feet high. It can't be called a true ship, as it can't move under it's own power. It's not for cargo. Its for storage of natural gas for conversion. Like an oil platform, but something moored and mobile with a few tow trucks (tugs), just like Breaking Bad's Winnebago when it's not running.