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Since the current occupant of the White House has been unwilling/unable to conduct a federal strategy to procure and distribute coronavirus tests or any other medical supplies, Republican governor of Maryland Larry Hogan got his Korean wife Yumi Hogan to help negotiate the purchase of 500,000 coronavirus tests from South Korea.


On Saturday morning, a Korean Air 777 landed at BWI airport, carrying the tests worth a total of $9 million. In his press conference today announcing the testing coup, Larry Hogan, who is also president of the National Governors Association, said,


“We’ve been doing everything in our power to acquire more tests from the federal government. Unfortunately, we have also had to compete with every state in America in our attempts to procure the tests from every domestic producer in the U.S. and from sources around the globe.”

He also previously stated with regard to President* Cheeto McFuckface’s repeated false claims that there are plentiful tests available to anyone,


“It’s not accurate to say there’s plenty of testing out there, and the governors should just get it done. That’s just not being straightforward.”

Thanks to Governor Hogan’s decisive action in getting his fluent Korean-speaking wife to run procurement calls with South Korea in the middle of the night for weeks on end, my home state of Maryland now (maybe?) leads the nation in testing capacity, and has enough COVID-19 tests to test roughly 8% of its total population.


Folks, this is not about politics. This is about elected officials at all levels of government, regardless of party, needing to do their damn jobs, listen to the experts, and take care of their constituents. Unfortunately, many of them at the highest levels are failing miserably at that. It just so happens that many of the ones in the fail column are from a certain party. I’m happy to credit any elected official of any party who’s doing a good job. My hippie ass voted against Larry Hogan, and I’m thankful as fuck he’s my governor right now.

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