I’ll try to put quoted repair prices with the things that I can. I’ll put actual repair prices with things that have been fixed.

•around 60-80 mph there is a phantom wobble in the steering. It disappears above or below that.

•there is some scratches in the window tint/glaze(?)

•the passenger airbag sensor is going insane so I have an intermittent SRS light.(Q/P:$1000)


•the wood panel that goes over the cupholder door fell off recently, but it’s just as well as I need to fix the latch.

•a broken cup holder latch.

•the PSE pump that controls everything from the seats and headrests to the door locks(Q/P$1000)


•replaced a bad belt idler pulley that had seized up.-$727.73


•I had fluid boiling/bubbling out of the reservoir-$1953.82

•multiple high pressure lines . Around $3000, I couldn’t find the invoice.

•valve block repair-$204.00


Not including regular service I’ve spend just under $6000 ($5885.55) maintaining my car over the course of the last year. Looking back on the year I regret absolutely nothing. I’d just as happily spend the money again tomorrow, because driving a V12 Mercedes is truly an experience.