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If ya can't film an X-wing, may as well film a Lotus.

It’s kind of clear that George Lucas is a pretty big car fan but here’s his senior thesis from his time at the University of Southern California. It’s a good thing he got all this practice shooting fast moving objects like a Lotus 23. Who knows what Star Wars could’ve ended up looking like.

5 years before THX 1138, Pete Brock - a now somewhat famous designer/driver known for his work on real life empire crushing space ships (or were they the empire!?) - takes the wheel. The track is Willow Springs and he’s going out for qualifying.


It’s called 1:42.08: To Qualify

Guess what his time was.

If the sound of the Lotus’ high strung inline four doesn’t move you to “attack position” then you can go super dork and use this too... it’s actually not half bad.

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